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About Us

NextForce a.s. is a Czech innovative company with its own cosmetic and medical products development.
We use many years of our experience in the field of pharmacy, human medicine and marketing with an overlap to modern technologies.

Our activities are also focused on the sales representation of foreign pharmaceutical companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Our main mission is to market proven, quality, effective and safe medical products which have real added value for patients.

We use traditional and innovative marketing techniques to create awareness of our product portfolio and promote the good name of our partnering companies.
We are currently dealing predominantly with products in the areas of dermatology, pediatrics and dentistry.

In addition to development and selling medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics, we have extensive experience in marketing support of prescription drugs too.

If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us at


Partners for our OWN BRANDS DISTRIBUTION worldwide:

Currently, we are looking for direct professional distribution partners in the EU and beyond for the commercial representation of our brands. We are ready to offer to our partners standard product portfolio support including strategic plans, USPs definition, marketing materials and digital platforms for communication with clients - physicians and pharmacies, with overlapping to end-customer target groups.

We are constantly expanding and innovating our own product portfolio in cooperation with the Swiss company Pearsceuticals AG.

If you are interested in cooperation, contact us at, please.

Ideally, a cooperating company should meet the following criteria:

  • Work with experience in the pharmacy-medicine sector
  • Know the local market well in the segments that appeal to our products (especially Children's Skin Care, Adult Skin Care, Oral Care, Dietary Supplements)
  • Have their own sales & marketing team and commit to actively launch the product and take care of it at the next graduation, actively develop cooperation with us and with clients
  • Ability to reach target groups of clients = pharmacies / doctors + end customers
  • Turnover size of 1mio EUR and above - should be able to implement MOQs for whole lots
  • Ideally a family business style/character
  • It should have any provable history, exceptionally it could be startup
  • Ambition and ability to agree long term contract (minimum 3 years)

Partners for DISTRIBUTION OF IMPORTED BRANDS in the Czech republic and Slovakia:

Our employees have many years of experience in pharmacies and pharmaceutical environments, which allows us to offer our partners comprehensive services in the area of sales, marketing and logistics. Our priority is long-term, stable cooperation with our partners.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Launching products on the market
  • Market research and choosing sales strategies
  • Preparing and implementing marketing plans
  • Product registration and notifications and negotiating with institutions (State Institute for Drug Control, Ministry of Health)
  • Sales activities for continued product support
  • Logistics and storing goods in our own distribution warehouses
  • Distribution to pharmacies via all important wholesalers

Alliance Scar Heal, Inc. Pharmavita

If you are interested in having us represent your company or your products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, please contact us at


We provide complete marketing and sales services on medicinal products predominantly in the categories of medical devices, food supplements and functional aesthetic cosmetics.

Our own brands:

AcneUP® is an innovative brand of medical cosmetics, created for the comprehensive care of compromised skin suffering from acne. The unique combination of ingredients suppresses and soothes the visible manifestations of acne (blackheads, red pimples, inflamed pustules) in the long term, has a synergistic effect on both inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of acne, and is also suitable for the prevention of their formation or development. For daily use. Swiss patent, created and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

ZITENAX® cream-paste is a topical product indicated to relieve discomfort and symptoms related to diaper rash (nappy rash) in infants as well as in adult patients and seniors. We base our proven quality on our long-term cooperation and experience in the fields of dermatology, paediatrics and pharmacy. The inspiration for the unique composition and texture of Zitenax "cream-paste" was the original Swiss recipe.

Zitenax Active cream paste we have created for everyone who wants to enjoy active movement and sports to the fullest - children, active adults and top athletes. It protects the skin in places of increased exertion, accelerates regeneration and helps in the healing of microtraumas. In addition, chlorhexidine can eliminate unwanted microorganisms.

Dexilip® HERP cares for lips with cold sores. It creates an invisible flexible film on the lip and transfers substances beneficial for regeneration and protection of the skin. It is suitable for every stage of herpes labialis - from initial feelings (prodromes) to healing of the scab.

DEXILIP® gel is a first specific topical product which relieves the symptoms of cracked and inflamed corners of the lips (angular cheilitis). Its action is extra fast, local, and may be administered several times a day.

Uxitol 25 Softwalk Heel Balm very quickly removes dry, crumbly and cracked skin on heels and soles. It contains 25% urea and a rich mixture of hydrating and emollient ingredients. In addition, thanks to the lactic acid, it helps the skin to soften more quickly. We have created Uxitol25® for everyone who wants to have their feet and heels beautiful as fast as possible.

Hand Balm Uxitol 10 Silkhand is a very fast and effective solution for anyone who wants to have their hands as soft as silk. It was developed specifically for dry, rough and cracked skin on hands. The sophisticated composition of Urea 10% and a complex of uniquely selected moisturizing, softening ingredients in combination with protective vitamins, brings to every user a quick regenerating effect that lasts for a long time. You'll feel the difference tomorrow!

We created the softening body lotion Uxitol13 Kerato for daily pleasant care of dry and rough skin anywhere on the body. Uxitol13 can be applied specifically to skin with keratoses (eg keratosis pilaris) and to dry, rough or pigmented elbows and knees. Containing 13% urea, ceramides, oat oil and an honestly rich blend of soothing, emollient and hydrating ingredients, Uxitol13 offers a truly exceptional help for anyone who wants to have their skin smooth as velvet again.

Food supplement. Bonora herbal elixir was created in harmony with the original pharmacy recipe from 1769 and modern knowledge of the benefits of medicinal herbs for the body and mind. With the unique apothecary's blend of "Theriak" herbs in a bitter extract of 35% ethyl alcohol, you can now delight and invigorate your body and mind. Bonora Elixir is bitter. Truly bitter.

We currently represent the following product brands: Atopiclair Sebclair

Work with Us

In order to improve services for our partners we are adding new colleagues to our teams in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – pharmaceutical representatives (physicians, specialist physicians, pharmacies) and regional and product managers.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in applying for one of the above stated positions.

To apply, send a structured resume and cover letter to:

We do not have any positions to fill at the moment, but if you like, you can send us a structured resume with your photograph and a cover letter. Then if we need a candidate corresponding to the information in your resume, we will contact you.


Headquarters and billing address:
NextForce a.s.
Pardubická 528
537 01 Chrudim
Czech republic
IČ: 288 55 523, DIČ: CZ 288 55 523

NextForce a.s.
DOCK 01, Voctářova 2449/5
180 00 Praha 8
Czech republic
tel.: +420 724 600 732, email:

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